The Lady Gets What the Lady Wants

Let the record show that I am a bit of a night owl. Lately, I need less sleep then I ever have before. I seem to be fine going out almost every night, sleeping for five or six hours, and then working my normalish office job. Sure there are hiccups along the way such as actively trying to nap on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom at work, but sometimes you just encounter a gnarly Wednesday. 

The other night I wrote something on Facebook around three or four AM about eating bread nachos (these differ greatly from the cracker nachos I often eat at work which I also recommend). When I talked to my oldest sister she wondered what the fuck was going wrong in my life that I am eating bread nachos. That is a very valid question and my  response was, "Well I'm trying to eliminate my four AM feeding."

I am the type of gal that needs three, good-sized meals per day. Now that I am staying up later I have started to learn what Taco Bell fans seem to have known for years, a fourth meal is very necessary. In the early spring I developed a terrible habit of eating nachos (an homage to the aforementioned T. Bell pioneers) after coming home and before going to bed. Most of the time this takes place between 3:00-6:00AM. Let me note that 98% of the time this is not due to drunkenness, it's a majority grossness. I realized that this habit could become a real problem for health and not wanting to become obese reasons. So, the logical choice was to switch to quesadillas. It took several more months to come to the same epiphany. Most recently I've decided I need to stop buying vehicles for hot sauce and cheese, the two things I will never stop buying, and thus you have the challah nacho because apparently there is nothing I will not turn into a nacho...nothing. Feel free to use this recipe the next time you are invited to a very fancy dinner party and in charge of bringing the hor d'oeuvres. Minds will be blown. 

Bread Nachos
Challah bread, thinly sliced
Melt one slice of Havarti cheese on top of challah
Add sliced avocado sprinkled with sea salt
Drizzle generously with Sriracha
Weep and enjoy


  1. I am enjoying your blog very much, and hope that you are enjoying this holiday season! ----- Colin

  2. Colin! Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it so far. I hope you are reveling in the newlywed glow. Congratulations to you both, you are such a lovely couple.

  3. I will never eat this. Never.

  4. Yet you were kind of into the matzo brei/reuben in a bowl. You're such a good Jew.