Baby I Know, The First Cut is the Deepest

I'll be the first to admit that some of my past ideas have had some flaws. For example an empire built on the phrase I coined, "Blerg is the new Aack" which caters to funny, single, women by referencing our leaders Liz Lemon and Cathy (note, ironic funny only). Also a list of the most awkward Ikea furniture names is pretty short lived, but the idea of buying a bookshelf called the q├╝eef still makes me laugh. I will never concede that the quiz show "My Golden
Moment" in which you have to pick the activity taken from the day or week, depending on how elderly you keep it, is the most Golden Girls-esque. Feel free to answer: What is my Golden Moment? 
A) Finding the "perfect" cardigan B) Attending a 78-year-old's karaoke birthday party on a Saturday night C) Successfully repairing your favorite pair of Hush Puppy loafers. 

A few months ago two of my friends and I decided to start a podcast because we realized that our interactions with each other already sounded like a show. We crack ourselves up and often when we spend time with other people they seem to think we are amusing. A lot of really brilliant, funny, talented people I know have great ideas but never do anything about them because they can't get past the voices of self-doubt to get to a point of self-promotion. I certainly have struggled with the hang-up of believing that no one else will be interested and aborting my ideas before they see the light of day. This is referenced in the first episode of the podcast, but after a theorizing about the origins of SNL which I imagine started with Lorne Michaels saying to a friend, "Hey, I've got a great idea for a comedy show." That is not to say that we think that we just created something on par with SNL (when it's a good season), but that everything starts with a crazy little idea and my new motto is that I don't mess around with good ideas anymore.  

After much hilarious work, we finally uploaded our first episode of Hot Air. We will have shows every other week so check back for Episode Two very soon. 

 Hot Air babes, photo by Martha Williams


  1. hey, I think I took this picture. The direction was act coy.

  2. Yes, photo credit to the amazing Martha Williams!