I'm Going to Call it Winsome Overall

The past few days have been win a little, lose a little, in constant rotation:
I went to a new friend's going away party, she's leaving at the end of the month. Lose. 
At said party I mostly talked to people I already know and like. During our conversations we came up with many brilliant ideas, including but not limited to, a strip club that only serves pizza called Pizza Ass. Also many great outfit ideas for raisins were mentioned. Win. 
At the end of the night I came home, ate a quesadilla, and fell asleep on the sofa until 7AM. Lose. 

Saturday I was editing Episode Two of Hot Air, which is funny. Win. 
I was un-showered, in slippers, reluctant to be upright, and not in my house. Lose. 
Sarah made me a Bloody Mary. Win. 

Later that night I met up with my Platonic Life Partner. Win. 
We had to wait in line to get into a neighborhood bar. Lose. 
Once inside it was pleasantly at capacity. Win. 
We both ordered the same $8 cocktail that tasted like Robitussin with egg whites. Lose.
We walked next door to a friend's birthday party. Win. 
I had to leave before the good DJ because of an early morning bris in the suburbs. Lose. 
I heard someone say, "Moheled again." Win. 

I woke up after four hours of sleep. Lose. 
Saw a text message that the bris was postponed so I went back to bed. Win.
Later found out it is because the little dude is sick. Lose. 

Watched the play-off game at the bar that is my equivalent of "Cheers" where there was a potluck starring chili. Win. 
I live in Chicago so the bar was full of Bears fans. Lose. 
Packer Win...win. 
I was hanging out with two dudes who give me shit constantly. Lose. 
I actually really like them and it reminded me that I miss hanging out with dude friends. Win. 
We drank really good bourbon. Win. 
When you start drinking at 2:00, 10:00 seems like a perfectly normal time to call it quits. Win. 

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