That's What She Said

This afternoon my friend Sarah said (actually wrote on Facebook) this about me, "See Mer is bringing what I like to call a real 'battery' to the table. Both positive and negative vibes. Her life is a joke, but she is prepared to make us laugh about it. Like a little AAA." I recently and frequently describe myself as being unflappable, because for the most part I am. I don't let most shit bother me. 90% of the time I think that people are well-intentioned but very weird. Conversely, it is very, very hard to ever get me to the point of being described as "giddy." I don't like to stray too far from even-keeled, it's like camping for me, I've done it but it's a pretty uncomfortable experience. I am rarely in a bad mood, but today I was. My emotional septic tank was backed up and work, life, and pretty much everything else I encountered in the world was blowing up like a shit fountain. Stupid world. Stupid everyone. 

I work for a Jewish Community Center that is full of children. My role can be succinctly described as the aunt of the building. I live in the office but I get to visit kids, make jokes, hold babies, and then wave goodbye when they start crying. During the height of my shitty mood I walked down the hallway and saw my co-worker's son. He starting running from one end of the hall down toward me. I knelt down and he gave me a huge hug, I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder. Then he popped back up and said "Cameltoe." Bad mood blown to pieces. 

For as long as I can remember I have used humor to deal with just about everything in my life. If I'm nervous, uncomfortable, flirting, or feel really at ease I am making jokes most of the time, and if it's not out loud just believe me that it is like a sitcom in my brain 24/7. I'm not saying that every situation and every moment needs to be funny or fun, because that's completely irrational. What I am saying is that it helps to be able to find the funny in anything when you need it. In case of emergency, tell a poop story. 


  1. hi meredith, loving the blog! but it's driving me crazy because i can't think of it--what song is the title of this blog referencing? also, did you actually have cameltoe?

  2. is it a reference to a McCartney song?

  3. Cameltoe must be Yiddish for happiness.

    Here's to emotional Hardy Boys babe.

    "Heart of Gold" by Neil Percival Young

  4. A little shout-out to Neil appears in the link below, the first entry.

    I did not have a cameltoe. The child is two and in the stage of repeating everything he hears. I'm just happy that word has made its way into his baby lexicon.


  5. ah, of course! i love that song.